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Internet Safety Resources


Below are details of the UK Internet's Centre's favourite resources, which they and we use most often with children. - the central location for advice and guidance for parents about all Internet Safety matters. 


The UK Safer Internet site - lots of useful resources for parents including guides about how to talk about technology and how to set up your devices at home so they are safe.


Common Sense Media - site for parents with recommendations and advice about games/film/DVD/music content and it's suitableness for children of different ages. 


Know it All for Primary Schools - further guides and training Featuring Captain Kara and Winston’s SMART crew: Childnet's Know IT All for Primary Schools has been especially designed for primary school staff to help them understand important E-safety issues and how to help young pupils get the most out of the internet.


Kidsmart - Kidsmart is a unique Internet safety programme run by Childnet in schools throughout the UK and beyond. 


Lee and Kim - This 8 minute animation introduces Lee & Kim, a brother and sister navigating the online world with the help of their trusted superhero friend SID!

With his super powers, SID shows them how to keep themselves safe while having fun online. Based around 4 simple tips for children to remember and a song, the cartoon aims to teach children how to protect themselves and others around them.


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