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VE Day
It is lovely to see that so many pupils and staff enjoyed their 'Stay at Home' VE Day celebrations.
Super young writers!
Today I have been visited by lots of reception pupils who were excited to showing me their writing. It is always amazing to see how much children learn in such a relatively short space of time and how their writing has progressed since the start of the Autumn. I have given out lots of special stickers today and am so proud of our young writers!
Food Bank Donations
On the last day of term, we delivered the overwhelming amount of food donations that were received to the Food Bank. I would like to thank everyone who responded to our request to help families in need this Christmas.
Choir Spreads Christmas Joy
During the last week of term, our Year 5/6 Choir visited several care homes in the local area to spread some Christmas joy to the elderly residents.
Muddy Mondays and
Welly Wednesdays

Nursery had an exciting morning exploring the school field. The children were independent and put on their own wetsuits. There were lots of bugs to be found and they even had a robin come to say ‘hello’.

The children are looking forward to more Muddy Monday and Welly Wednesday adventures.

Torchlight Carnival
Year 5 were delighted when their entry into the Torchlight Carnival placed second. Even more excitement came at the end of the procession when we were asked if "Albert" and his penny farthing could be put on show for the Tour of Britain which will be coming to Cornwall next year.
Amazing Writers!
I have had a steady stream of children visiting my office today to show me the most fantastic writing in their Literacy books. Year 3 have been writing explanations about the Earth's Core (and using some incredibly technical vocabulary), Year 6 have been immersed in the Amazon rainforest and some cheeky Year 5 children wrote a diary entry pretending to be me! Apparently, I drink coffee and eat a lot of biscuits! Check your post over the next few days as there will be a lot of 'Congratulations' postcards sent out to pupils today!
The Perfect School
On my morning visit to all of the classrooms today, I was really impressed with 4D's PSHE display. They have been thinking about what qualities their perfect school would have and what role they could all play in achieving this. It was lovely to read that many of them thought that our school was already fantastic and their 'improvement' comments have given me lots to think about!
Weekly email
Dear Parents,
It's been a typical week of Cornish summer rain so I hope you have managed to stay positive and active, despite the weather. Things seem a lot better when the sun is shining!
It is a strange time for us here at St. Mewan as we are now balancing teaching some children at school whilst still setting and managing home learning for the majority of our pupils who remain at home. We also now find ourselves in a position where the government have stated that they are unable to proceed with the plan to take more children back into school before the end of the summer term and, at the current time, this is certainly the case at St. Mewan as we have no spare teaching spaces or staff available. Headteachers receive government updates at the same time as the general public so, at the current time, I cannot give any more information about September but, as soon as I know more, I will be in touch with you all.
Return to School for Reception, Year 1 and Year 6
Over the past two weeks we have welcomed some of our pupils back in R, Y1 and Y6. If your child is in these year groups and has not yet returned to school, their space will be held until Friday 26th June. We will be unable to accept any more children in these year groups after this date. If you would like your child to return, please contact the school office who will then be able to send out the relevant information you will need about the return to school. 
Key Worker provision
We can provide key worker places for a limited amount of pupils and spaces need to be booked on School Comms. Unfortunately, we cannot accept any children who are not booked in. If you have not used the key worker provision before, we are following the government guidelines regarding those eligible for a space as we need to prioritise parents who are critical to the COVID-19 response and would request that this provision is only used during your hours of work. 
Holiday Club and the Summer Holidays
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our Holiday Club will NOT be running over the summer holidays and the school will close at 1.30pm on Thursday 23rd July and (hopefully) reopen on 2nd September. There will also be no keyworker provision over the summer holiday period.
Parents whose children are currently in school - please note that we will finish early on Thursday 23rd July as we now do on a Friday. 
Class Dojo
Our teachers will be accessing Class Dojo this afternoon to check on how our pupils are doing at home. Can I please ask that, if your child is at home, all parents continue to message class teachers weekly? We will continue to make welfare phone calls to those families who do not make weekly contact with us, just to make sure all is well.
Home Learning struggles
I am aware that possibly the momentum of home schooling has been lost in recent weeks as this has been going on for a long time. We understand the frustration and difficulties of this and would like parents to know that we are here to support you. If you would like to speak to a teacher about your home schooling concerns, please contact us via Dojo or the school office and we can make a telephone appointment with you. Our home schooling grids will continue to be sent out fortnightly and we would encourage our parents to have a 'little and often' approach if things are difficult; look at the grid and just choose a small activity each day to complete alongside daily reading, which is the most important aspect of home learning. But I would reiterate that we are here to support you!
Library Books
We are hoping for a return to 'normal' in the new academic year and are currently rearranging our library system as we will be using a new reading scheme moving forward. However, due to the short notice we received about lockdown in March, many of our library books remain in your houses! Ideally, we would like these back in school as soon as possible. For those parents whose children remain at home, from Monday there will be a lidded box in the staff car park (on the left hand side of the drive into school) next to the disabled parking bays. This can be accessed between 4pm- 6pm each day so, if you are able to return school books to this box, we would really appreciate it!
Book tokens
Our school needs you! Help us win £5,000 of National Book Tokens for the school library - and get £100 for yourself! Just enter the competition online, it only takes a minute: https://www.nationalbooktokens.com/schools 
I understand that these are incredibly challenging times and we have been so grateful for your support over the past few months. We certainly have not forgotten our wonderful pupils who remain at home and are distance learning and we are very much hoping for a return for everyone in September. I will continue to update all parents weekly on our situation, as it is ever changing.
Best wishes,
Mrs. Elaine Badger 
Words of the Week

 EYFS/KS1 Word of the Week


loan   (noun/verb)

Definition:  If you loan something to someone, you lend it to them.

Paul loaned his pencil to Freddy.



KS2 Word of the Week


excruciating (adjective)

Definition:  If you describe something as excruciating, you are emphasising that it is extremely painful, either physically or emotionally.

Mr. Robson had an excruciating look on his face.