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Amazing Writers!
I have had a steady stream of children visiting my office today to show me the most fantastic writing in their Literacy books. Year 3 have been writing explanations about the Earth's Core (and using some incredibly technical vocabulary), Year 6 have been immersed in the Amazon rainforest and some cheeky Year 5 children wrote a diary entry pretending to be me! Apparently, I drink coffee and eat a lot of biscuits! Check your post over the next few days as there will be a lot of 'Congratulations' postcards sent out to pupils today!
The Perfect School
On my morning visit to all of the classrooms today, I was really impressed with 4D's PSHE display. They have been thinking about what qualities their perfect school would have and what role they could all play in achieving this. It was lovely to read that many of them thought that our school was already fantastic and their 'improvement' comments have given me lots to think about!
Weekly email
Good morning everyone,
Well, we are nearly at the end of the first half term of the new school year. It seems to have gone incredibly quickly but I think that's because we have been so busy!
The new words of the week are attached to this email and, in Friday's newsletter, I will include a summary of the vocabulary we have introduced to the children this half term, in case any you want to keep it fresh in their memory over the holiday!
Major Roadworks on the A390
You may have seen the reports of this on our school Facebook page. There will be a reduction in the speed limit on the hill outside school whilst a new roundabout is under construction. This is apparently due to last for 8 months so will obviously have an impact on traffic around the school.
I am aware that there have been some comments already on social media asking why the school cannot open the gates all the time to allow cars to come straight into the car park. This will not be happening as our children's safety is of paramount importance to us and we use the school grounds with the children as much as possible during the day so cannot have members of the public having free access to our site. Our gates open at 2.50pm as children are on the playground taking part in PE lessons until that time and we do ensure that all children are supervised at the end of the school day until 3.40pm to allow parents plenty of time to collect. We would be incredibly grateful for parents support and understanding about this matter as we are acting in the best interests of the pupils in our care. 
#HelloYellow for World Mental Health Day
On Friday 18th October we are asking our pupils and staff to wear something yellow in support of World Mental Health day, which was on 10th October. We are supporting' Young Minds' - a charity which not only supports children and teenagers but also provides a wealth of support material for parents who are worried about their children's mental health. As education professionals, we are seeing an increase in the amount of children who are experiencing problems with mental health and we are incredibly passionate about providing support for them and their families. Please help us to support this very worthwhile cause by sending in a donation of 50p on Friday 18th October.
I would highly recommend the Young Minds website to any parent as it has excellent ideas on how families can work together to support children.
Please look out for our newsletter on Friday which will give more updates about events that have been happening recently in school.
Have a great week,
Mrs. Elaine Badger
St. Mewan C.P. School 
Words of the Week


pounce               (verb)

Definition: When an animal or bird pounces on something, it jumps on it and holds it, in order to kill it.

The cat pounced on the mouse.



irrational              (adjective)

Definition: If you describe someone's feelings and behaviour as irrational, you mean they are not based on logical reasons or clear thinking.

Paul was being irrational, he should have picked Fred to be on the team.