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Christmas Sing-A-Long
Our KS1 children are performing their Christmas Sing-A-Long on Monday 9th, Tuesday 10th and Wednesday 11th December. There are still a few tickets left for each performance. They will also feature in the Cornish Guardian Nativity Supplement, which will go on sale on Wednesday 18th December.
Muddy Mondays and
Welly Wednesdays

Nursery had an exciting morning exploring the school field. The children were independent and put on their own wetsuits. There were lots of bugs to be found and they even had a robin come to say ‘hello’.

The children are looking forward to more Muddy Monday and Welly Wednesday adventures.

Torchlight Carnival
Year 5 were delighted when their entry into the Torchlight Carnival placed second. Even more excitement came at the end of the procession when we were asked if "Albert" and his penny farthing could be put on show for the Tour of Britain which will be coming to Cornwall next year.
Amazing Writers!
I have had a steady stream of children visiting my office today to show me the most fantastic writing in their Literacy books. Year 3 have been writing explanations about the Earth's Core (and using some incredibly technical vocabulary), Year 6 have been immersed in the Amazon rainforest and some cheeky Year 5 children wrote a diary entry pretending to be me! Apparently, I drink coffee and eat a lot of biscuits! Check your post over the next few days as there will be a lot of 'Congratulations' postcards sent out to pupils today!
The Perfect School
On my morning visit to all of the classrooms today, I was really impressed with 4D's PSHE display. They have been thinking about what qualities their perfect school would have and what role they could all play in achieving this. It was lovely to read that many of them thought that our school was already fantastic and their 'improvement' comments have given me lots to think about!
Weekly email
Dear Parents,
Nine more get ups! The next two weeks are really busy at school and I am sure that they will fly by. Thank you to everyone who has donated to our foodbank collection - we have filled one large box so far and will be taking another load to the foodbank early this week. If you are coming to one of our Infant Sing-A-Longs the collection box is just inside the main entrance if you would like to make a donation.
Music Festival
A huge well done to all of our children who took part in the Music Festival last week. There will be more details about this in the full newsletter on Friday but, needless to say, we are incredibly proud of our pupils and thankful to the expertise of Mrs. Harvey and Mrs. Farley!
Friends of St. Mewan wrapping evening - Tuesday 10th December
Our Friends association always provide our pupils with a Christmas gift but we do have 474 children in our school and we really need volunteers to help with all of the wrapping. There will be a wrapping evening in the school hall tomorrow from 6 - 9pm for anyone who has a spare hour to help with this. Please, please help if you can. Our Friends Association is very small considering how many pupils we have on roll and we could really do with more help. There is no pressure to attend every event but if everyone could provide a little support then it would really help. Also any donations for the Christmas hampers need to be in school by Tuesday 10th so that the amazing hampers for our raffle can be wrapped on Tuesday evening.
Zig Zag lines
Please can I remind parents once again that children must not be dropped off on the zig zag lines on the road outside of school. This is incredibly dangerous and puts your children and other pedestrians in danger. We have a few repeat offenders who persistently do this, despite regular reminders in newsletters and e mails. We teach our pupils about road safety and would appreciate it if parents could support us with this by using the roads around school responsibly and safely. No life is worth the few seconds you save by dropping your child on a busy road. 
Christmas Jumper Day
As we take 360 children to the cinema on the national Christmas Jumper Day (13th December) we would rather have our children in their school uniform so they are easily identifiable when we are out of school! So, our Christmas Jumper Day will be held on the last day - Friday 20th December. Voluntary donations of 50p on that day will go to Save the Children. Please note that, as usual, we finish at the normal time on the last day of term.
Have a wonderful week and, if you are attending our Sing-along, please do just that in the finale song - the children will love it!
Best wishes,
Mrs. Elaine Badger
St. Mewan C.P. School
Words of the Week

 EYFS/KS1 Word of the Week

blush          (verb)

Definition: When you blush, your face becomes redder than usual because you are ashamed or embarrassed.

Jennie blushed when she received a certificate in assembly.



KS2 Word of the Week

courteous              (adjective)

Definition: Someone who is courteous is polite and respectful to other people.

Joe courteously held open the door for the teachers.