Emergency Procedures

September 2023
Policy for Emergency School Closure
In the unlikely event of storm damage or bad weather (snow) or building problems (e.g. loss of heating, water or power) forcing the school to close, the following procedure will be taken:
1 Closure before school begins (i.e. overnight or before 8am):
Information will be broadcast on Radio Cornwall, Pirate FM and Heart FM. Our website and Facebook page will be updated as soon as possible and an email sent to all parents.
2 Closure during the school day:
Messages will go out on local radio, on the school website, school Facebook page and via email to all parents with a request to collect pupils as soon as possible. Please be mindful that staff also need to return to their families so we expect prompt collection of pupils. In the case of closure due to bad weather a ‘skeleton staff’ and a Senior Leader will remain on site until all pupils have been collected. In the event of a school closure our phone lines need to be kept open as much as possible so please avoid telephoning the school unless absolutely necessary.
The safety and well-being of our pupils will be the first priority in all decisions on school closure.